Friday, August 3, 2012


Sip and Voip technology and Redundancy is probably the biggest hurdle that companies are facing today. Because Sip trunks, Ip Phones and Sip Phones are reliant on your high speed Circuit. This high speed circuit being either ADSL, Cable, or T1 must be available at all times in order to have a smooth and consistent service. If this circuit fails for any reason we are out of service which can cause Customer Service to go down the wayside. So we need to have some sort of backup if the internet fails. Some solutions that are being implimented are using 1. A mixed solution requiring both Analog and Sip Trunking. Although this requires the proper equipment to be implimented that can handle both Analog and Sip technology called hybrid it can save you a lot of greif and headaches if a failure does occur. So what does a hybrid solution offer well this means that you can have Both your Analog lines for your core incoming calls and then use Sip trunking for say your outgoing calls if your High Speed circuit goes down your business can still operate because the Analog lines will still be active. This being said it does come with some drawbacks and this solution may not be for everyone. Most customers have what's called rollover lines or hunting which is a service provided by your carrier which allows your line's to rollover if one is busy. Splitting your lines using both Analog and Sip technology does limit your ability to have all your lines rollover into eachother as you cannot have Analog lines spill over into your sip lines.  Solution 2.Pertain's more to companies using all Sip Trunks and no Analog line's and is what is called  Bonded Service. This is a solution whereby you add a second high speed circuit and the Proper Router to failback to a 2nd DSL or Cable Internet circuit. Mind you would want to make sure both circuits are from 2 seperate carrier's to impliment this properly. You wouldn't want to have say 2 high speed circuit's from the same carrier as If the one circuit fails most likely the 2nd would as
well. That's why you want to use 2 seperate carriers to impliment this correctly. If the Circuit from the 1st carrier fails the likelyhood of a failure from another carrier would be unlikely. A bonded router play's an important part in this solution as it must detect a failure and it would automatically go over to the second circuit and maintain the internet service allowing calls to continue to flow. Once this Router is configured and programed automatic failure should be programmed to detect a failure and failover to your second DSL or Cable circuit should happen automatically.

So we will continue to explore more solutions so check back with us as we will keep you informed.

Mike Iannazzo

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Panasonic IP Phones

Panasonic KXTDE and NCP platform has a great number of features including it's integrated Voip Features, We have been setting up Panasonic IP phones across the country for our clients who have offices all over the world. And they have been working without a hitch. Our VPN connections have been working great and with thanks to our great technical staff who have the technical skills to get things done right. We recently sent some Panasonic IP phones to India and connected them to there office here in toronto over there internet connection and they have been working flawlessly. And another client from Montreal to Toronto as well. These clients are very happy and amazed at how great the sound quality of these Panasonic IP phones really are. They can transfer and recieve calls from these phones as if they were situated right  in their local office even though they are 100's of miles away. I would like to thank our many clients for allowing us to improve there business and trusting us to implement this technology. This was all done while saving them a ton of money and improving their customer relations.  We have successfully setup ip phones right across Canada and the US including Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary Montreal, London, Windsor, New York, and many more.  In Some cases we did it without a VPN connection and some Routing Wizardery.  

Hats off guys for another great year

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Telephone Systems

IP Telephone Systems

Unified Messaging
Unified Messaging allows telephone users the ability to see their voice mails and faxes on their PC similar to how they currently view their emails. There are a wide range of capabilities and offerings available. Unified Messaging is most useful where telephone users need to name & archive voicemails in addition to being able to listen to a particular voicemail rather than having to listen to all the voicemails in order to find the important calls.

Retrieve exact voice recordings of your messages no matter where you are. Get your messages accurately and timely.

Let work be something you do, not a defined location. Mobility Solutions allow you the freedom to do your job anywhere you need to do it. Our Mobility Solutions are a family of features that include cell phone linking to desk extensions, soft phones, and mobile twinning. Make your location invisible and irrelevant to the people who need to do business with you. Get your work done conveniently and efficiently, wherever you may be.

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
CTI unites the technologies of the PC, network or host computer with the capabilities of personal communication. It allows us to communicate quickly and more productively with less effort by merging the two most important and powerful business tools - the computer and the telephone.

Auto Attendant / IVR
(IVR) Interactive Voice Response provides companies with the ability to use information such as Caller ID, DNIS, ANI in addition to verbal or DTMF responses from callers to assist in retrieving data form CRM software or other company data bases prior to connecting callers to customer service agents. IVR enhances a company’s ability to service its customers with increased efficiency and more informatively. We have successfully helped our customers become very competitive and more responsive to their priority customers needs. We can speak intelligently with you regarding the potential benefits this technology may have for your business.

Auto Appointment Reminder/Setters
Have your own automatic personal assistant to call your customers to remind them of an appointment, and then have your customers confirm by touch or voice. This software easily integrates into the software you currently use, is customizable, and will save you time and money.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hosted PBX

Hosted Pbx has now become more popular and will continue to become a more viable solution for small and large companies. Improved data performance and handling has allowed for better quality sound and better call handling which is apparent with companies utilizing this technology. More features are available for smaller companies that don't have the budget of bigger firms which allows them to take advantage of these features at a reduced cost. Cost of ownership may outway the viability of a conventional PBX and so hosted may be a better route to take. Other factors that need to be considered is 1. how many employees you have. 2. Multi-office Environment 3. Voicemail 4. Mobility and 5. Email and Fax all play a factor in which solution is best for you. Please call us today for a free Onsite Survey at 416-291-6000 and someone will be glad to help you or follow for more information.

And Look out for more info on this blog on a daily basis