Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hosted PBX

Hosted Pbx has now become more popular and will continue to become a more viable solution for small and large companies. Improved data performance and handling has allowed for better quality sound and better call handling which is apparent with companies utilizing this technology. More features are available for smaller companies that don't have the budget of bigger firms which allows them to take advantage of these features at a reduced cost. Cost of ownership may outway the viability of a conventional PBX and so hosted may be a better route to take. Other factors that need to be considered is 1. how many employees you have. 2. Multi-office Environment 3. Voicemail 4. Mobility and 5. Email and Fax all play a factor in which solution is best for you. Please call us today for a free Onsite Survey at 416-291-6000 and someone will be glad to help you or follow http://www.tel-systems.com/ for more information.

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